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If you are being careful about what you eat, leave your diet at home ! In Saint-Martin, it’s the paradise of restaurants : you feel like eating something ? There must be the one place to satisfy you !

Eat local – Grand Case:

Let’s start with the most typical restaurant with its little houses along the boulevard Grand Case, offering you to eat « lolo ».

Eat « lolo », what is it ? It’s choosing « lots » (pack/sets) of local meals on the menu. This way, you can eat mashed chayotes, tasting kind of like aubergine ; it costs 6€.

You should also try the roasted or tartare mahi-mahi, it’s the famous fish here : it’s very good and its taste is quite fine (about 10€). You will also find lots of other meals, more or less local.

Eating local meals served by la mama along the turquoise water of the Grand Case… The experience is so worth it !

Address : Boulevard Grand Case, on the French side.

manger lolo


It’s probably one of the best place to eat on the island ! For 3 reasons : it’s delicious, the portions are big and the prices are correct. The menu is varied : here, you can eat a salad as much as you can eat meat or fish, or even pasta. We particularly recommend you the roasted foie gras toast and the goat cheese salmon, which are so good !

Just a little piece of advice, you should book a table in advance because this place is really liked and therefore busy.

Address : Orient Bay, village square, French Antilles.

Opening hours : From Tuesday to Sunday 6pm-10pm.

le piment

Main à la patte:

Restaurant situated in the heart of Marigot, the setting is very nice because the terrace is along the Marina. The staff is warm and welcoming, and the prices are really good too, with a 19€ starter-meal-dessert formula ! Special mention for the mahi-mahi tartare which is very good (17€).

Address : Marina Royale, Marigot, French Antilles.

Opening hours : Everyday from 9 :30am-10pm.

la main à la patte

Rice Upon A Time:

Change of settings : here, you’re eating Korean food ! There is lot a large amount of choices, but what’s on the menu is so good that it’s largely enough ! It’s a very good address to eat quickly at lunch : the service is fast and done with a smile. Besides, they also do takeaway.

I was able to try the bibimbap, a meal served in a wok : the base is rice, beef, vegetables and enveloped with seaweed leaves.

Address : C15 les protes de Saint-Martin, Marigo, French Antilles.

Opening hours : From Monday to Tuesday 11:30am-2:30pm, and on Friday 11:30am-3pm and 5pm-7pm.

O Plongeoir:

Situated at the Marigot harbour, the menu of this restaurant is full of choice. Only fresh products are served, because we asked for goat cheese flank steak which is apparently THE dish to try in this restaurant, but it wasn’t available anymore. We therefore chose to eat the goat cheese magret (goat power!), which was excellent. Only downside : prices start to go up and you can be a bit surprised when seeing the bill.

Address : Waterfront, Marina Fort Louis, Saint-Martin, French Antilles.

Opening hours : From Monday to Saturday 8am-11pm.

O Plongeoir

Bzh Pizza:

New atmosphere here : Bretagne is represented (North West region in France) ! Okay, I admit eating a pizza… Not really from Bretagne ! However, it was reallly good and so big that it could do 2 meals. Besides, the decoration of the terrace is nice, which adds charm to this place.

Address : 72 Avenue du Lagon, Oyster Pond, French Antilles.

Opening hours : From Monday to Saturday 8am-10pm, and on Sunday 5:30pm-10pm.

bhz pizza

Shiv Shakti:

We teleported in India ! Small family restaurant which doesn’t look fancy from the outside, but we forgot about that once the meal was served. This address is recommended by locals, and there’s a reason to that.

Address : 17B Billy Folly Road or 14 Front Street, Saint-Martin, Dutch Antilles.

Opening hours : Unknown, open the evenings.

Wasabi Charli:

Let’s continue our food world tour, without moving from Saint-Martin ! This place is known to serve very good sushis… I can confirme it, I’m passionate about this Japanese dish, even if I thought « fried » sushis, offered in some platters, take away the actuel taste of them. But anyway, if you suddenly feel like eating sushis, this is the place to go to !

Address : 56 Welfare Road, Cole Bay, Saint-Martin, Dutch Antilles.

Open hours : Everyday (except Tuesday) 6pm-midnight.

wasabi charli

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