What to do in Saint-Martin


You are planning to go to the pretty little island of Saint-Martin ? Here are some ideas of what to see and do, added to your sunbathing days !


Going to the French Antilles without a mask and a snorkel, it’s like going to Norway without a beanie ! There are some nice spots, accessible from the beach. Moreover, at the Grand Case one, nice body of white sand, we saw some beautiful tropical fishes hiding under the scattered rock under the water, as well as starfishes.


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The rocks by the side of the sea of Baie Rouge are them too apparently full of fauna and flora. Unfortunately, each time we tried to go there, there were lots of waves…

A more difficult access spot, but original : Little Bay. Indeed, you’ll have to park at the Divi Little Bay resort (during low season, the guardian let us in without problem).


Then, with the minimum of stuff but with shoes, cross the resort and walk with it on your left and join the red cross indicated on the map. Here, leave your stuff and with your fins, join the green cross to see the wreck of a boat and a helicopter, where a lot of fishes called it home. A company even offers an exploration route, equipped with a diving suit.

boat and helicopter wrecks

Around here, the Pinel, St Barthe, Anguilla and Tintamarre islands are nice : we’ll argue on them later.

Aquatic activities:

Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to do so during my stay, the island offers lots of possibilities : jet ski, surfing, windsurfing… And of course, diving ! You only have to get into your most beautiful swimsuit, and let’s go !

Go to the casino:

For some inhabitants, going to the casino is like going grocery shopping ! Being serious though, it’s a very common thing on the Dutch side : in the evening, people meet there to play a few dollars while having a drink… Indeed, in these establishments, drinks are unlimited (as long as you play, of course!) When you know a drink in a bar easily costs $7, for once it’s worth risking going to the casino ! Besides, it’s also a good place to change Euros in Dollars because the exchange rates there are almost nonexistent.


The points of view:

Often, gaining height allows you to enjoy the beauty of the place more. To do so, nothing simpler : rendez-vous to Pic Paradis. It’s possible to park only 10 minutes away on foot from there, where you will have a fantastic panorama !

The weather wasn’t good enough, but we heard that Fort Louis, overlooking Marigot, also offers a nice view.


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As you may or may not know, the island is divided in two parts : a French one, and a Dutch one. On this last side, the rules are different, there’s no tax on prices which are in Dollars (which worths less than Euros)… Which makes buying high tech items very interesting (-450€ on an Apple laptop, for instance). Cigarettes and perfumes are also cheaper.

The place to be for shopping is thus located at Philipsburg on Voorstraat Street.

Unusual visit:

Here is a bewildering discovery : the Belle Créole abandoned hotel. Indeed, this luxury hotel complex has been destroyed by Luis cyclone in 1995 and has been left behind since. It’s still possible to access it through a way open during the day. With our phone torches on, we visited this strange place which gives you goose bumps… It’s hard to explain : to see how nature takes back its rights in a place before dictated by luxury and imagine the strength of such a meteorological phenomenon… Walking Dead atmosphere guarantied !

Although we could think this place is questionable, we only went past two people doing a photoshoot in this unusual setting.


Here, eating is a religion ! We even had to write an article only about it.


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Visiting around:

Being at the other side of the world, you might as well want to enjoy it to visit places this time very close. We had the chance to spend a day in Saint-Barthélemy (« Saint-Barth ») and Anguilla.

Pinel Island:

Little islet at the North-Est part of Saint-Martin, Pinel is accessible by a small shuttle boat situated at Cul de Sac, and which does the journey every 30 minutes. It’s $12 (or €10) the return ticket (negociable for groups). In 10 minutes, we are already there ! It’s nice to have a calm day : you can chill on your beach towel or do like us and invest in a sunbeds-sunshade ($20 for the day) offered by Yellow Beach ; which also serves big meals at reasonable prices !

Except sunbathing, the main activity on this uninhabited island is snorkelling : there are loads of fishes, and I even saw my first Antilles rays !


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Who says heavenly island, says heavenly sunsets. I didn’t have the chance to see it with my own eyes, but the one in Baie Longue is apparently amazing.

Although the island is still marked by the hurricane Irma, which happened in September 2017, it’s still cute by its pretty beaches : a nice place to have a good time on holidays !

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