• One Day Excursion in Anguilla •

Shoal Bay

A new week is starting in Saint-Martin (article here). We’re going to discover a new island located more in the North : Anguilla. I didn’t know about this British island before studying more closely the map of Saint-Martin and its surroundings !

To go there, we decided to take the first ferry from Marigot marina at 8:30am. There is no return ticket ; we therefore had to pay $20 the ticket at a first check point and $5 taxes at another… All this in cash.

After going through the border police (think about taking your passport!), we hop on board of the boat, which doesn’t have an outdoor deck and a low visibility once seated on the benches… Ah, for sure seasick ! About 30 minutes later, I’m glad to be back on earth !

We found the car rental agency Andy’s on the internet, located two steps away from the Anguilla ferry terminal, and moreover well rated. After 15 minutes, here we are already on board of our little car for 57$ the day (50$ the day of rental + 7$ insurance) and a temporary driving licence… Because who says British territory, says left-hand drive !

Don’t worry though, Anguilla is the perfect place to initiate yourself to the English way of driving. Indeed, excepting a few roundabouts, there are lots of straight lines, a little topography, and most of all there’s not a lot of people on the road… Well, there’s not a lot of people during this month of September anyway !

After a few miles, we have the pleasure to discover a very different place to Saint-Martin and Saint Barth (article here) and Saint-Barth (article). On the side of the straight roads are some houses (the reconstruction after Irma is quite good). This place looks like a desert island… We even ended up driving on the right-hand side (involuntarily of course!) for 5 minutes straight without noticing !

Crocus Bay

After a little journey by car, the sun is shining : we thus decide to stop at Crocus Bay to do some snorkelling. We meet a Canadian guy who’s used to this spot, and thanks to who we saw our two first Antilles turtles and porcupinefish (blowfish). When we come out of the water, we’re happy of this already successful day !

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While we were at it, we also wanted to go to Little Bay or Limestone Bay, but impossible to find a way to access them by car… After a few research when we got back, I learnt that Little Bay is accessible from Crocus Bay by boat or swimming (if you’re willing to make the effort). It’s also possible to go to Limestone Bay through a « hidden » road, as explained here.

We continue our discovery of the Northern coast with the most famous beach of the island, Shoal Bay. We immediately understood its success : its white sand with turquoise water in the background… It’s hard not to fall for it ! Once more, there’s only a few people here and most of the shops are closed… It’s alright, we don’t need all that to enjoy the scenery.

We’re staying for a while at Mac and Hanks’, who at this time of the year offer you access to sunbeds if you eat at their place (otherwise, it’s 10$ for the 2 sunbeds and sunshade). Between bathing, sunbathing, and food, this moment is really nice ! So nice that we do not want to leave!

Shoal Bay

The day went by quite quickly : we decide to head towards the marina and make a few stops on the way, but clouds are starting to arrive, and the place lacks light, like in Rendez Vous Bay, which is yet a reputed spot on the island.

To come back, we have to go back through the check point : again, 20$ the ticket and $5 taxes.

Anguilla is a nice and peaceful place where you can easily end up alone on a beach in September, and do some snorkelling to see fishes who also like their peace and quiet !

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