One Day in Saint-Barthélemy


During my trip to Saint-Martin (article here), I also went to some islands around (as Anguilla), which usually seem so far !

Ouch, the alarm rings very early this morning, but we want to enjoy our day in « Saint-Barth » fully ! Indeed, we need to be at 7am at the Philipsburg marina (Dutch side) to take the first ferry with the company called Great Bay Express. We chose to go for this company and not the one called « Voyager », because it offers earlier and later journeys during the day… Going once in your life, you might as well want to enjoy every second of it ! Still count €75 the return ticket for 30 minutes of boat crossing. THINK ABOUT TAKING YOUR PASSPORT, otherwise you will be back to the start because there’s a control at the arrival !

Here we are on the boat. We enjoy the outdoor deck to admire the view. The journey is rather calm : we’re saved from being seasick.

An essential step once you arrive here : rent a mean of locomotion. I recommend you to take a small car rather than a scooter, because the roads are quite hilly. We were lucky, we got upgraded to a convertible Mini for the day, we’ll be well integrated !

Indeed, the first thing that you notice here is how everything has been reconstructed compared to Saint-Martin, which is still very scarred by Irma : clearly, the means are not the same here.

For starter, we’re making a quick stop at Marché U (THE supermaket of the island) to buy food and supplies for the day.

It’s 10am. We now have everything we need to go and explore the island of Johnny Hallyday. The cimetary of Lorient, where he’s burried, is situated close from here, and is on our way. We therefore take 5 minutes to go there. His grave has lots of flowers and fans’ messages ; there are even guitars and a motorbike !

Johnny's grave

We’re continuing our tour of the island via the D209. We make a few stops to take pictures. We’re having fun taking the small roads. We’re getting lost in the allotments where the houses are so big, and where we picture ourselves to enjoy the pool ! There are a few points of view which allow you to admire the beauty of the place like here, wish the Anse de Marigot and the Grand Cul de Sac.

Anse Marigot - Grand Cul de Sac

By taking our time, we took approximately 2 hours to go around.

Noon : it’s time to find a place to eat. We find our happiness at the Petite Anse creek, non-classified on Google and which is situated next to the hostel with the same name. There is no one, it’s peaceful… Perfect ! Between two bites, we’re bathing in this translucent water… Everything is going for the best !

We’re taking the car to come back to the other side of the island, to join the « hidden » natural pools of Saint-Barth, located not far away from the Petit Cul de Sac beach. Park where you can because the place is filled with villas and thus with private parking spaces. Once parked, follow our little itinerary : cross a pebble beach and a rocky trail along the sea : if it’s agitated, don’t take any risks because we heard a few stories about people who got taken by a wave and who only got out thanks to someone noticing and helping them… So be careful !

Access natural pool

After fixing my flip-flop about ten times, here we are at this unexpected spot ! Once again, there is no one : it’s like we found a hidden place of the island !

The colour of the water is like in a bath, except there are fishes… It’s incredible ! Around, the sea is agitated but only a few waves reach the pool, which itself is very calm. Apparently, it sometimes happens that a waterfall forms in the rocks surrounding us.

Natural pool Saint Barth

After bathing, we stay for a while on the rocks, observing this beautiful scenery before us.

Time is flying : it’s time to go give the car back. We take a drink (so expensive!) at the marina of Saint-Barth to end this day well, before taking the last ferry at 6:30pm.

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