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Christmas is coming, we’re offering you a selection of travel presents. Whether it’s for you or to gift someone, it’s for everyone and at every price !

Pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs set

Wether on a plane or not, journeys are never really confortable… So this neck pillow, eye mask and ear plugs set will make you more confortable for a better journey !

If you are only interested in the pillow, you should go for this one from Nature et Découvertes : a 3 in 1 pillow.

Scratch off or pin world map

This present is nice and useful to mark the destinations you’ve been to, and the ones you would like to discover, in two different colours. You have two options :
– when you scratch off a destination on this map, it will change colours (colours often change from one continent to an other).
– pin map that you can put on this map on the destinations you have already been to, as you can see below.

scratch off map

Adapter and portable charger

Essential and very useful on a trip, they will save your life more than once !

A universal adapter

Example of a portable charger:

World map watch

Useful on a daily basis, why not make its use even better ? Every time you’ll check the time on this pretty watch, it’ll be the opportunity to dream about future destinations…

world map watch

Custom passport stamp phone case

What a better gift than something designed for our smartphone, which we use every day ? Personalise your case by adding the stamps of the travels you’ve done ; original and useful present !

travel stamps case

3D Globe puzzle

A classic earth globe.
For the
Game of Thrones fans, there is one inspired of the show:


Enough of always ending up with a messy suitcase during your trips ? This present is made for you : a shelfpack, which will be your best friend for an organised suitcase.

Travel book

A loved one never stops talking about a place he’d like to visit in particular ? Offering him a book on the destination he’s dreaming about (on the internet, in a library…) would be a good idea… And who know, you might even be part of the trip !


Enough of never printing your pics, staying in your smartphone for ever ? The polaroid, compact, directly prints them for you. Instantaneous, the pics often end up being even better and funnier, they make great memories. You also need to buy the paper.


2 in 1 tripod and telescopic pole

Instead of having a tripod AND a telescopic pole, why not have them both in one item ? Convenient !

Travel-size containers and samples

To avoid the annoyance when packing, travel-size containers are always very useful if not essential, and we always use them as we practically never take hold baggage.
A 100mL containers 
set (the maximum authorised capacity for a container in a cabin luggage), coming with a bag to carry them.

It’s also the opportunity to use the (perfume or other) samples, which have been in your drawers for ages !

Passport holder

Simple design and unbeatable price

You will also be able to put your cards in this one

To match with Mister of Madam

A plane ticket!

It’s not that hard to find a reasonable priced plane ticket, and generally, everyone likes this gift ! A nice opportunity to discover a new destination together. Check our article Guide to buy your plane ticket, where we give all of our tips to find the perfect one !

It’s Christmas time and we hope that our article, different than usual, gave you some gifts ideas to add to your wish list or to offer. Merry Christmas !

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