~ 5 tips to spend less money on a trip ~

tips to spend less money on a trip

People often ask us « how do you do to travel this often ? » Although travelling isn’t free, it’s still possible to travel more, particularly with these 5 tips. Some might seem obvious or far-fetched, and yet they work for us.

1. Housing differently :

The reservation of an accommodation is the inevitable step. We all dream about a beautiful suite with a view and a pool. But when we think about it, is it really useful to pay that much, when you spend all day outside, and only the night at the accommodation ? It’s true that intimacy is enjoyable but for cheap, is even better. 99% of the time, we find our accommodation on Airbnb, a website offering full lodging, or a room in the owner’s house everywhere in the world. It’s way cheaper than hotels, and we also have access to a kitchen.
If you still haven’t signed up on Airbnb, here’s a link which will give you a 25€ discount on your first reservation !

tips to spend less money on a trip - housing differently

2. Bring snacks in the suitcase :

One of the main expenses during a trip is food ; and it’s normal, for one we can’t live without it, but it’s also a pleasure. However, we most of the time bring some groceries in our suitcase : cookies, coffee, tea and sugar for breakfast, and pasta. It’s always useful, especially when the cost of life in the destination country is way higher then your home country ; like in Copenhagen or New York for instance. That way, you’ll be able to go to the restaurant without feeling gulty !
This tip is often helpful, but has 2 bad sides : it’s not really worth if you’re going to Spain, Portugal or Greece, where the cost of life is really affordable. Besides, some countries strictly regulate what can enter their territory (United States, Australia…).

3. Book in advance :

We are fans of travel planning, partly because it allows us to save money. As you read it in our travel articles, it’s not rare that thanks to our anticipated reservations (thus on internet), we have access to reduced prices on airport shuttles or visits.
Moreover, although Groupon is beginning to fall out, the website still works well in other countries. Take a look at the deals and subscribe to the newsletter of your destination. Thanks to a Groupon voucher, we had a free entrance at the One World Observatory in New York ($35 savings).

tips to spend less money on a trip - book in advance

4. Prefer free activities :

It might seem all stupid and obvious, but some things in life are still free (even if it’s rare) ! Walk around in a park, in different areas of a city, go on a hike… Try to include this to your programme.
We are above all fans of « free walking tours ». What is it ? Local people, or sometimes foreigners who had lived in the city for while, take you around for a visit, for free. Expect good mood, anecdotes and good deals ! At the end of the tour, your guide will appreciate a tip. This exists now exists in every city, up to you to look it up on Google beforehand. Although reservations are more and more demanded by the organisms, you’ll probably still be welcomed at the meeting point if you don’t !

tips to spend less money on a trip - free activities

5. Use iGraal :

iGraal is a cashback website : a commission has been negociated with sellers, and it is partly refunded to us for every purchase, on an electronic purse. Commissions are not huge, but as online shopping is trending, it remains interesting and beneficial. A number of airline companies accepted to participate : Emirates, Vueling, Tui, Volotea, Iberia…
This tip also works in the everyday life : picking up your groceries, change tyres, buy household appliances, internet, phone contract, bank, concert tickets…

There you go, now you can enjoy yourselves with the money saved thanks to these tips !

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