3 days in Majorca

cap formentor

Every opportunity is good to travel: 3 free days? We (Juliette and her friend Léa) are flying to Majorca!

It’s the biggest island composing the Balearics archipelago, East Spain. Although independent from this latter, the currency is the Euro, the power sockets are European, and they speak Spanish (even though the official languages are Catalan and Castilian).

Day 1: Arrival and Palma de Majorca

At the start of November, tourists are gone: there’s therefore only few people when coming out of the airport (which is weird!) when the sun and palm trees are still here.

We’re starting by getting our car at the Sixt agency. We recommend it although it’s not the cheapest, because the car is up to expectations and there were no last minute problems with insurance etc…

For those of you who want to park their car in the streets of Palma de Majorca, it’s possible even though it might take a bit longer and you’ll probably have to go further away. However, be aware of the road marking: the blue and yellow parking spaces are for limited time or for residents. The white ones are free for unlimited time. It’ll keep you from getting a ticket on the first day like us…!

So here we are parked on our nice blue parking spot, very close to the youth hostel: Fleming Hostel. Once again, we’re happy with our booking: warm welcome, bedroom, kitchen, sanitary: everything is clean and it’s close to the city centre on foot.

We’re ready to go in the streets of the capital: Palma de Majorca. We’d seen a few nice places on the Internet. Going from one spot to the next is also a visit itself: the little streets are pretty and are the home to small shops. There are also a few beautiful squares where we stop by. Here is a list! (go to the end of the article to see the map).

Plaça d’Espanya: can’t miss it in each city of Spain, it deserves its pic!

Plaza Mayor: amazing coloured square, and very animated.

Wandering about in the little pedestrian streets, with nice shops.

palma streets

The Cathedral of Palma de Majorca: its hugeness makes its splendour. You have to crane your neck to see the top! On the other side of the street, there’s a basin where you can admire it from.

The Cathedral of Palma de Majorca

Royal Palace of Almudaina: 2 steps away from the cathedral, this structure is also impressive, bordered by a garden where it’s nice to have a break.

Plaza de Cort: nice little square, a lot less tourists than at Plaza Mayor, which gives it more charm.

Plaza de Cort

We also would’ve like to go on the terraces of the Palma Cathedral (beautiful view), to the Sant Francesc Basilica (5€ entrance), and to the Arabic baths (2.5€ entrance), but we ran out of time.

Once night has fallen, I haven’t slept in almost 30 hours (yes, I’m a vampire working during the night!). We therefore take it slow this evening: red wine and French saucisson at the hostel.

Day 2 : West of Majorca

Today, we’re taking the car to discover the surroundings. We’re heading South for a first stop at Magaluf, seaside resort: buildings, ordinary beach and like a ghost town during the low season… Anyway, we’re quickly back on the road!

We’re doing an unplanned stop at Cala Cranc, a nice creek also empty at this time of the year. Having a swim in this turquoise water must be really nice when it’s warmer.

cala cranc

We eventually arrive at Port Andrax where it’s nice to walk between all the boats.

port andrax

We’re continuing our little tour with Estellencs, this very good looking village, each streets is charming and we want to take pics of everything: the pot of flower, the cat by the window… We had our picnic there.


We’re continuing by the coast; the road itself is nice to look at. Eventually, we see a few cars parked on the side of the road and we see a single tower named Torre des Verge. We’re introduced to the guarding of this tower: a beautiful friendly cat which followed us along. It’s possible to go up it with a little ladder to enjoy a breathtaking view on the horizon.

We’re leaving our cat friend and make a stop at Deia, another village nested in the mountains of the island, and sit down at the cafe’s terrace to enjoy the view.

We’ve now arrived at our final destination of the day: Sóller. Mentioned a lot online, we think it lacks charm compared to everything we’ve seen earlier in the day… Just have a look at the church dominating the square and where the typical train goes through to link Soler to Palma (which you should do if you’ve got time: more informations here).


Once it’s dark, we’re going back to Palma de Majorca to get something to eat. Usually, I stay as far away from tapas bars as possible because I think it’s too expensive for what it is but given the context, I can’t refuse it to Léa, who loves it! We spend a nice evening at the “Bar España”, offering a very large choice of affordable tapas. It’s better to book beforehand!

bar espana

Day 3 : Castell Bellver and North of Majorque

We start the day by trying a local specialty: the ensaïmada, a kind of soft sweet bread, Majorca’s style. It’s not bad but as I’m used to having salty breakfasts, that much sugar this early in the day is hard for me!

We’re now ready for the day! We start by going to the Castell Bellver only 3 kms away from the centre on a hill. Hill equals nice view: from here, you can admire Palma de Majorca and its harbour!

castell bellver view

We came here at the beginning of the stay, but as we sax the entrance to the castle was free on Sundays (4€/adult every other days), we decided to come back today, on Sunday. There are no useless savings!

And it was worth the wait. The architecture of this castle is truly beautiful. We’re crossing the drawbridge to enter and see a first tower; then a nice circular court surrounded by arches. We can even take some height and go up the roof to admire all of it in an other point of view.

castell bellver

We’re back on the road to go a part of the island we haven’t explored yet: the North, with a first stop at the Alcudia harbour.

Alcudia harbour

All the conditions are reunited to enjoy this place: the sun is shining, it’s low season (therefore there is less people), beautiful boats, nice beach and… This super photogenic pontoon and its turquoise water. Clearly, we’re enjoying the moment and eating our picnic sunbathing… This is also what it means to be on holidays!

After getting full of vitamin D, we’re continuing towards the Es Colomer mirador. Once more, I’m in awe of the wealth of the landscapes we can find here. The cliffs dive in the Balearic Sea and offer a breathtaking view!

mirador es colomer

The sun is going down at the edge of the edge of the island: Cap Formentor. The road to go there is tortuous to the point we almost got sick, but just to see the lighthouse getting closer is a great reward. It’s definetly worth it.

cap formentor lighthouse

Timing is perfect: the sunset is starting. We only have to sit down on the railing and get blown away by the view. Here is a good way of ending a trip!

After Tenerife (article available here), we’re once again impressed by the Spanish islands by both the diversity of landscapes and the warm temperatures during low season.

Don’t hesitate to jump on a plane for a weekend to enjoy the nice days a little longer!

Expenses, per person:

Plane : 80€.

Car park at the airport : 18€.

Petrol and motorway (departure from Montpellier) : 45€.

Car rental and petrol : 50€.

Hotel for 3 nights : 62€.

Food : 15€.

Restaurant : 21€.

Fine/Ticket : 15€.

= 306€

Avoided expenses, per person :

Car sharing : 37,5€.

Youth hostel (and not hotel) : 60€.

Meals/breakfasts at the hostel : 20€.

Free visit of the castle : 4€.

= 121,5€

Once again, a return ticket fully financed by savings made during this trip, this time for Malta (future article)!

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