One week in Tromsø

Chasse aux aurores boréales, bannière.

Good to know

We went to Tromso from the 9th of February to the 16th, 2022.

  • We booked all our activities on Getyourguide.
  • To convert NOK into euros, simply divide the price by 10. NOK10 equals about €1.
  • We stayed in the Comfort Xpress hotel for a total amount of €948,72.
  • Tromsø is located in the Arctic circle: the temperature is between -5°C and -20°C; therefore, plan thermal clothing, under-gloves, thick socks… Besides, the sun goes down at around 3pm at the time of the year.
  • Norwegians, like in many Nordic countries, speak English very well.
  • Power sockets are the same as in France.
  • Tromsø airport is situated at about 10 minutes by bus from the city centre (the shuttle costs €9/person/way or you can take the bus 24, 40 and 42. The stops are behind the P2 and P3 car park). The tickets can be purchased directly on the Troms Billett app.

Day 1 : Arrival in Tromsø

Going to Tromsø isn’t the easiest! We took the plane from Marseille, in the South of France, at 6:45am to Amsterdam. Then From Amsterdam to Bergen. Finally, from Bergen to Tromsø. Be careful, despite what we had been told at the departure, you HAVE to retrieve your luggage in the first city of Norway you are entering and check in again. Otherwise, like us, you will end up having to signal it lost and not getting them until (thank god) the next day.

Three flights later, here we are finally in Tromso… When we landed, at 4:35pm, it was dark. Already quite exotic!

We stayed in the Comfort Xpress Hôtel, in the city centre. The rooms are basic, quite small, but they do the trick.

Day 2 : Visit of Tromsø and northern lights hunt

After going back to the airport to get our luggage (and our equipment against the cold!), we are heading towards the city centres of Tromso. Quite lively, there are a lot of small coffee shops, restaurants and shops.

Then we started to get hungry: we went to the Egon restaurant where they offer a all-you-can-eat pizza option for lunch for NOK 135 (about €13,50). Once full, we continued walking in the streets. We went around quite quickly. Unfortunately, the cathedral was closed during all of our stay.

We headed back to the hotel to rest before tonight’s activity…: Northern lights hunt! In two vans of eight people, we drove for nearly two hours to practically end at the Finish border. We made a single stop. If at first the northern lights were quite shy, towards the end, they offered the show we were expecting! However, you have to know that you will never see the lights as green as on the pics you see everywhere: the guide showed us right from the start the setting you have to find on your phone to catch them. Thank god, the guide had a professional camera to take really nice pictures. The myth is well entertained! We ate around a campfire while looking at the sky. We came back at 2am.

Northern lights hunt.

Day 3 : Fjellheisen cable car

After a welcomed lie in, we found a NOK30 (€3) deal including a hot drink and a pastry (which by itself costs NOK29, good deal!) at the Narvesen shop

We went in a few shops and then walked for about three kilometres to the Fjellheisen cablecar on the other side of the city, walking past pretty residential neighbourhood, where local people are clearing the snow in front of their houses.

The return journey costs NOK260 per person (about €26). It’s not cheap for a 4 minutes journey but it’s beautiful! At the top of the Storsteinen mountain, we have a panoramic view over Tromsø. Plan an extra layer of clothing because the wind is stronger at this altitude. As we went around 3pm, we were able to admire the view in the daylight as well as at night time.

Once we came back down, we took the bus 25 towards the city centre. We booked the tickets on the Troms Billets app for NOK20/person (€2/person).

We went to the Kiwi 7/23 supermarket where we bought ready meals to cook in the hotel microwave. Because you have to know that eating at the restaurant in Norway is very expensive… As well as each activity, by the way. So to compensate, we had some instant pasta!

Day 4 : Discovery of the Sami culture and meeting the reindeers

We departed at 10am this morning for a fantastic day accompanied by a Sami guide! It started by a 2 hour drive towards Sommarøy, ponctuâtes by a few stops to admire postcard worthy landscapes.

Postcard worthy landscapes around Sommarøy.

When we arrived in Sommarøy, we ate a REAL MEAL in a hotel, copious and tasty (which is rarely the case in other excursions). Then we were free to walk around the fishing village for an hour, before getting back in the van, heading to the reindeer herding.

We were welcomed by another Sami, equally as smiling and warm as our guide! We had the change to feed a herd of reindeers. We had a snack and a hot drink under a teepee, with a fire, with our two guides. They shared they culture (history, songs…). We were a bit reluctant booking this activity because it didn’t have a lot of reviews yet but it’s because it’s a new business. It can explain why we had such an authentic experience of 7 hours, far from mass tourism!

Day 5 : Dog sledding with huskies

We left at 9am to a kennel of huskies! 1h30 dog sledding that we both drove in an incredible decor… The price is quite high but it was great, nothing like the similar offers in ski places in France.

Little snack and hot drink in a teepee around a fire always welcomed! The dogs are like the persons taking care of them: nice and welcoming.

Dog sledding with huskies.

Day 6 : Snow shoes and ice domes

We drive starts in a crowded big coach, count 1h30 there and 1h30 back (we wish you not to stumble upon a guide that will talk in another language than English or yours all along the journey!) to get to a camp where everyone is divided into groups according to the activity they booked.

For us on the menu today: snow shoes with a guide that could be playing in the Vikings show! Nice, smiling and interesting. However be aware it is a stroll and not a hike! We only went very close to the camp… Thus no need to be particularly athletic.

The guide introduced us to survival methods: fauna, flora, how to light up a fire in the snow… The fire was the opportunity to grill some sausages before having a hot chocolate and visit the ice domes.

Snow shoes and ice domes.

Day 7 : Cruise in the fjords

Last day… Already! At 10am, we got onboard a small boat to go see the fjords, “ a narrow inlet of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes”. We might be repetitive but… Very beautiful!

We were also able to see eagles of the area, and we even got the chance to see a whale with its baby, despite the fact the season is supposed to be over! Going from a landscape to another, the crew served us a fish soup (which has nothing to do with the one we all know!) as well as unlimited coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits.

We are heading back to Tromsø under the setting sun… How to end this trip well!

Day 8 : Back to France

It’s departure day! We take the same journey back.

Conclusion of this trip: amazing! It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before. So much snow, unusual activities… We will keep a strong positive memory of it. Why not go back, but in the summer?

We hope this programme will help you plan yours. Don’t hesitate do share your trip with us on Instagram!

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