~ Top 5 coffee works in Montpellier ~


Working at home is good… But sometimes, changing location and being far away from distractions can boost your revisions as well as your projects ! Here are the places we like to work on the blog in Montpellier.

Hybride : the cosy one !

Very close to Saint Guilhem Courreau stop (line 4), this coffee shop is a hybrid interior : between a cafe and a small boutique, we feel good in this spacious and nicely decorated place. Prices are quite normal : €1.60 for an expresso, €3.40 for a cappuccino and a hot chocolate ; food wise, the meal of the day and the fresh products bowl are €12.40.

The wifi works perfectly even though it’s a lot of people here working with our best friend : the laptop !To sum up, cosy atmosphere, wifi, small prices : we’re happy !

Address : 12 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume, 34000, Montpellier.

Opening times : from Tuesday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm and Saturday, from 10am to 7pm.

Closest tram stop : Saint Guilhem Courreau line 4 or Observatoire, line 3.


French Coffee Shop : the gourmand one !

We’ve been going to this cafe for years, and it says a lot ! Drinks are to fall for : it’s up to you to choose coffee or hot chocolate covered in whipped cream and other patisseries… It’s delicious ! It’s €4.50 for the medium size. Otherwise, the wifi is correct, the room is calm and seats are comfortable.

Address : 40 Rue Saint-Guilhem, 34000, Montpellier.

Opening times : from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30am to 7pm.

Closest tram stop : Observatoire, line 3 and 4 or Comédie, line 1.

french coffee shop

Gazette Café : the musical one !

It’s probably the discovery of the year 2018. As soon as we entered, we were quite impressed. In this place, there is a cafe, a restaurant, and a concert bar ; it all depends on what time you get there. At 3pm a few tables are taken : people talk about professional projects with music in the backgroung, which makes you want to sing as you type on your laptop ! Besides, for the organic food lovers, this place was made for you !

Address : 6 Rue Levat, 34000, Montpellier.

Opening times : from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 1am.

Closest tram stop : Gare Saint Roch, line 1, 3, 4.

gazette café

Le P’tit Mas : the family one !

Why ? The manager’s warm welcome, the homemade meals, the cafe decoration style, the regular customers… There, you can eat, drink a coffee or other beverages, have a snack… All of this for unbeatable prices. The little detail that seduced us : the box of books where you can leave yours and take the ones you fancy !

Address : 30 Avenue Pierre d’Adhémar, 34090, Montpellier.

Opening times : from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 11pm.

Closest tram stop : Boutonnet, line 1.

Napoleon Dynamite : the outdoor one !

What we like here is the terrasse : situated on the place de la Canourgue, it’s nice to work outside, as you enjoy the shade and the silence. Prices are a bit higher than usual : €2.20 the hazelnut coffee.

Address : 5 Place de la Canourgue, 34000, Montpellier.

Opening times : from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:30am to 6:30pm.

Closest tram stop : Place Royale du Peyrou, line 4.

napoléon dynamite

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  • I’m thinking about going to Montpellier soon and I like to run my business from coffee shops. This list is a lifesaver! merci!! 🙂

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