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A bit more than 8 years ago, I settled in Montpellier for my studies. Ever since, water has passed under the bridge… Well, beer! This article was written by Juliette, lover of beer.

Les Berthom :

This bar, for me, is a must go to! It’s there that I discovered the Faro, which soon became my favourite beer. I prefer going during the happy hour, because the pinte price lowers down to the half one, which I find more affordable. The welcome is always nice here. There is a large choice of draught and bottled beer, you have to come here several times to be able to try the whole menu! A bonus, which personally makes a difference: drinks are served with a small side of peanuts. You also can order saucisson and other food!

Happy hour: the pint at the price of a half, from Sunday to Thursday, 6pm to 8pm.

Opening times : from Monday to Sunday, 5pm-1am.

Address : 5 Rue Boussairolles, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Comédie, line 1 or 2.

Charlie’s Beer :

One bar, two atmospheres! Early evening, everyone gathers around a beer and plays the pool; as time goes by, it gets a bit more “lit” and so is the alcohol level! But it remains good, you only have to speak louder because it’s not very big and it can quickly get noisy.

Happy hour : 4,8€ for a pint until 10pm.

Opening times : from Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm-1am.

Address : 22 Rue Aristide Ollivier, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Du Guesclin, line 1 or Comédie, line 1 or 2.

La Barbote :

This micro-brasserie offers a selection of homemade beers, brewed on spot. It will suit everyone’s tastes: lager, dark beer, white beer, IPA… from 4,5° up to 9°! The decor is nice and the atmosphere at the bar warm. The evening goes by rather quickly and when you start getting hungry, you can order a poutine or other more classic meals.

Think about booking because this place is quite busy!

Happy hour : 4€ for the pint, from 6pm to 8pm.

Opening times : every day, 6pm-1am.

Address : 1 Rue des Deux Ponts, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Du Guesclin, line 1 or Gare Saint-Roch, line 1 et 2.

The Shakespeare English Pub

After the closing of our lovely Robin Hood pub, we had to find another one to get a beer while watching rugby matches, with the ambiance that comes with it!

This pub, which doesn’t look extraordinary from the outside, has convinced us once we stepped inside, with it’s 100% British decoration; and not only! Numbers of English people come here to have a drink.

Big bonus: they serve draught cider, delicious!

Happy hours : from 5pm to 7pm.

Opening times : Sunday and Monday, 4pm-midnight; Tuesday to Friday, 4pm-1am; Saturday, 2pm-1am.

Address : 12 Rue de la Petite Loge, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Comédie, line 1 or 2.

the shakespeare

Couleurs de bières :

We’re coming out of the city centre to find ourselves on this terrace, which we’ve spotted from the car. Because yes, this one is “stuck” between 2 rather busy streets, but where it’s nice to settle for the evening. A large choice of draught beer, which is often updated. What for me makes this place special is their shop of bottled beers coming from all around the world, which you can drink there or at home!

However be careful, the credit card is only accepted from 10€.

Happy hour : Monday, local beers all evening; otherwise, from 7pm to 9pm: pint for approximatively 4,2€.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 5pm-1am.

Address : 48 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Jaumes, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Stade Philippides, ligne 1.

couleurs de bieres

Broc’café :

My last discovery in Montpellier! I got curious about this bar because every time I went past it, the terrace was full… And it’s because there’s a cool ambiance and prices appealing during the happy hour. The best thing about this place is they are the home to concerts, and who doesn’t like to have a drink while enjoying music?

Happy hour : from 5pm to 8pm.

Opening times : Monday to Friday, 8am-1am; Saturday and Sunday, 9am-1am.

Address : 2 Boulevard Henri 4, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Albert 1er, line 1 and 4 or Peyrou – Arc de triomphe, line 4.

broc café

The Egg :

While walking around the streets of the old Montpellier, it’s nice to go to The Egg, settled in a pretty street. If you didn’t get the chance to find a table on their small terrace, don’t worry: go inside, you might still have a chance to enjoy the super comfortable sofas, hidden at the back of the room!

Once well settled, order your beverage which is by the way at a good price during the happy hour, and enjoy this moment while playing one of the board games there!

By the way, you can order an egg for 1€!

Happy hour : from 5pm to 8pm.

Opening times : every day, 5pm-1am.

Address : 11 Rue du Plan d’Agde, Quartier St-Roch, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Observatoire, line 3 and 4 or Comédie, line 1 and 2.

Au fut et à mesure :

This concept is now known in several cities: thanks to a card, rechargeable at the bar, you can help yourself at the draft beer machines, at the four corners of the room.

A cool idea to try at least once!

Happy hour : from Monday to Friday, 5pm-8pm.

Opening times : every day, 7pm-1am.

Address : 6 Rue de la Croix d’Or , 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Comédie, line 1 and 2.

Au fut et a mesure

Comptoir de l’Arc :

We like this place; by the way, at the same place, you will find one of our favourite coffee works which we talk about in this article!

It’s therefore for the same reasons this bar is among our favourite: its terrace next to greenery, rare in Montpellier. Besides, their white beer is not bad!

Happy hour : every day from 6pm to 11pm.

Opening times: every day, 7am-1am.

Address : 2 Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tram stop : Peyrou – Arc de Triomphe, line 4 or Comédie, line 1 and 2.

Here are some ideas where you can quench your thirst!

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