~ Top drone spots for beginners in Montpellier ~

Last April, I bought the Mavic Pro drone from DJI. I have now made it fly in several places, including around Montpellier. There are a lot of nice spots… But it’s rarer to find locations where it’s allowed (find the map of restrictions here) ! Therefore, here is a small list of places where I like training myself and shoot nice images.

Saint-Félix-de-Monceau Abbey – Gigean

I already knew this place because I’ve done a hike here : I had to capture memories from the sky ! I was not disappointed : the sun was shining, there was no one, I could therefore peacefully use my Mavic and make videos of this abbey overlooking the rest of the lanscape. It’s clear, no big risks here. You’re certain to make nice shots.

Flying height limit : 150m.

Etang du Prévost – Palavas

One of the first times I have ever done drone is here, and it wasn’t a calm one ! Indeed, I made it take off at the bridge, close from the scuba diving club « Bulles Plongée », then sending it towards the pond… Everything was going well : no obstacles, I could have fun… But seagulls decided to take part in the fun and flying around it, even trying to attack it ! I got scared, which led to an emergency landing ! I still recommend this spot because it’s beautiful and in this part of France, the seagulls are never far away anyway !

Height limit : 50m.

Palavas etang prevost

Pont du Diable – Aniane

After bathing in the river, nothing better than sending your toy in the air ! Okay, it’s summer time so it’s not easy to find a peaceful and quiet place without lots of tourists being here. We eventually found an old abandoned restaurant with a nice departure runway on the other side of the road. As there was way to many people on the Pont du Diable (« The Devil’s Bridge »), I couldn’t film it, but the two other bridges right next to it are themselves very nice as well. It’s very pretty, the river runs into the pond where everyone is bathing. Flying here is not easy because we’re stuck between the road and the cliffs… However, even without taking too much risk, the pics are already very cool !

Height limit : 150m.

Pont du diable drone

Lac du Crès – Le Crès

Same, I already knew this place because I’m used to going bathing there in the summer (article on our best places to go bathing soon available). Because it’s a peaceful place, I found myself at ease to go back off-season to shoot. Indeed, in December, it’s perfect : there’s no one except a few people running around the lake. Here, the water is calm, there are birds and a small island : the opportunity to make various shots. It looks a bit like East Europe.

Height limit : 100m.

Lac du cres drone

Le Lac du Salagou – Les Vailhes

While on a hike (article to come), I had to immortalise this legendary place. While walking, it’s already breathtaking, let alone from the sky ! No particular difficulties here : it’s clear, a few people during the week, flat field to take off and land easily, no birds… Maybe sometimes a bit of wind. Enjoy this nice scenery !

Height limit : 150m.

Lac du salagou drone

Here is our 2018 list of top spots where to do drone, where Juliette loved to use her Mavic. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram to see more videos, and to share yours with us !

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