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As big lovers of food… Here is our top 6 places where we like to have a brunch with family or friends in Montpellier!

Le Pré vert

Let’s start with our favourite brunch! The scenery is pretty, right next to the Saint-Anne church. In the shadow of the trees, the terrace is really nice most of the year. Once at a table, you’ll have to choose between the 16€ formula, or the 22€ one for the hungry ones among you: toasts, hot drink, juice, salted and sweet cakes: a mixed plate that often changes. You can therefore come back to this place and never get bored of it!

Think about booking to be sure to have a table.

Price: 16€ or 22€ formula.

Served on weekends and public holidays.

Opening times: from Wednesday to Sunday, midday-11pm.

Address: 10 rue Saint Anne, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tramway stop: Comédie line 1 and 2, or Observatoire line 3 and 4.

pre vert

La maison des chats

Here is a quite atypical brunch by its scenery and menu. Indeed, if you love cats, this is where you need to go! This brunch is rather “unusual”: strawberry and peanut butter smoothie, hot drink, chia seed bowl, chocolate, mango, avocado and tomato toast with beans on the side, and 2 cookies. While you eat, you’ll have company: five cats are living here, in this place with a nice and cosy decoration. They are far from being shy and love to play and cuddle with you! The owners kindly introduced us to the cats (some of them coming from shelters); besides, they plan to adopt more in the future.

We personally are cat lovers, so it’s paradise! Even though we were reluctant at first, the menu of this brunch ended up being a good culinary discovery.

Note that – the brunch menu changes every Sunday.
– La maison des chats is only accessible for the +12 yo.

Price: 20€ formula.

Served on Sunday, midday-5pm.

Opening times: from Monday to Saturday midday-7pm, Sunday midday-5pm.

Address: 4, rue de la Carbonnerie, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tramway stop: Comédie line 1 and 2, or Corum line 1, 2 and 4, or Louis blanc line 1 and 4.

la maison des chats, brunch

Les fils à maman

It’s when having an excellent dinner in this restaurant that we discovered their brunch menu… And we HAD to try it!

After booking a table on their website (we strongly advise you to), here we are!

We weren’t hungry enough for the big 23€ formula, so we got the 15€ one! When we saw our nice plates coming our way (named Uncle Jesse and Rebecca), we weren’t disappointed: they are varied, tasty and nicely prepared; it’s really good.

Price: 9€ breakfast, 15€ or 23€ brunch formulas. (Rare) bonus: there’s even a 11€ brunch formula for children.

Served on every Sunday.

Opening times: Monday 7:30pm-10:30pm, from Tuesday to Saturday midday-2pm / 7:30pm-10:30pm, and Sunday 11am-2pm / 7:30pm-10:30pm.

Address: 12, rue du Petit Saint-Jean, 34000 Montpellier.

Closest tramway stop: Observatoire line 3 and 4, or Comédie line 1 and 2.

les fils a maman, brunch

Ma première cantine – City centre

With its 3 restaurants across Montpellier, all this inhabitants know this address!

This brunch is really hearty: salmon, raw meats, cheese, egg, chocolate croissant, butter and handmade Nutella, organic Granola, juice and hot drink, you won’t know where to start… And it’s even possible to ask for supplements! You can either enjoy it inside in a nice atmosphere, or outside on the nice Jean Jaurès square.

Price: 20€ formula.

Served on: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 10am-5pm.

Opening times: everyday 8:30am-11:30pm.

Address:4 Place Jean Jaurès, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tramway stop: Comédie line 1 or 2.

Le café de la Panacée

Here, you eat as much as you want! You will find the basic (and delicious) classic ingredients of a brunch: croissants, eggs, bread, fruits… When it’s cold, you can sit in the adjacent room of this art centre with its atypical decoration. There’s also an inner courtyard when the weather is nice enough. Once full, you can digest while walking around and admiring the art pieces next to the café de la Panacé to discover the current exhibit!

Price: 18€ formula.

Served on Sunday, 11:30am-3pm.

Opening times: from Wednesday to Saturday 10am-1pm, and on Sunday 10am-6pm.

Address: 14 rue de l’école de pharmacie, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tramway stop: Corum line 1, 2 and 4, or Louis blanc line 1 and 4.

la panacée, brunch

Au Bonheur des Tartes & Californian Sand

Again, a totally different place: a concept store. Here, She takes care of the clothes and accessories shop, while He serves the clients in the restaurant… Both being merged as one place! The decoration is rich and full of Californian details. In the plate, different kinds of pies (sweet and salty) which are perfect for a brunch. There’s also a specific “brunch” formula, only available if you book beforehand.

Price: brunch formula or varied plate: from 13,90€ to 23€.

Served everyday.

Opening times: from Monday to Wednesday 11am-4pm, from Thursday to Saturday 11am-4pm, and on Sunday 10am-4pm.

Address: 4 rue des trésoriers de la bourse, 34000, Montpellier.

Closest tramway stop : Comédie line 1 and 2.

au bonheur des tartes, brunch

Here are some ideas of where to have a brunch on weekends!

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