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se baigner a montpellier

Lac du Crès (Lake)

A peaceful place 25 minutes away from Montpellier by car. It’s not really known by the tourists yet, who rather go to the beach. It’s therefore more calm, which is part of the reason why we like it.

Once parked at the lake car park, it only takes a 5 minutes walk to access a grass corner to put down your towel and bathe. 2 rescuers are watching the lake.

There are also more intimate small pebble beaches, but not so comfortable.

The water is clean and of a nice colour, it’s nice to swim while enjoying the scenery.

If you get a bit hungry, there’s a snack next to the car park.

Security wise, in the summer, the police is often around ; you therefore don’t have to be worried about your stuff.

lac du cres

Le pont du Diable (« The Devil’s bridge »)

Classified at UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, this bridge joins 2 shores and offers a nice « basin » of water to swim in.

There is a car park you have to pay for to access it (there are a few free parking spaces if you continue towards Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert). The way leading to the spot passes by a shop selling local products, and there are restrooms too. After approximately 5 minutes on foot, there you are on this large pebble peach, which is quite busy in the summer.

For people getting cold easily, like us, you will have to force youself to get in the water of this river ! For those who like slake, and jumping from rocks will be happy (but please, do not jump from the bridge, there are accidents every year!)

During the high season, there’s a shuttle linking the bridge and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert’s bridge, classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France ; convenient to avoid taking the car and paying the second car pak in the village (often full anyway!)

To summarise, if it’s either to visit or go for a swim, it’s a must-see of the region !

le pont du diable

Carnon Ouest

We can’t talk about going for a swim in Montpellier without talking about the beach !

Our favourite one (situated 15 minutes away from the city) is a simple small sand beach, no shops, no doughnuts sellers, no aquatic activities… Okay, in the summer it’s busy… We have to share ! However, when there are no tourists, the site is truly peaceful. Also, at this period of the year, all car parks are free whereas most of them are not during the summer.

If you cross the road, there is a snack.

For people who don’t own a car, it’s one of the most « accessible » beaches in public transports, more informations here.

carnon ouest


It’s a list for everyone’s taste, so here is the opposite of Carnon !

The access to the beach is through the Prevost car park (4€). Once parked, you can enjoy the huge 9kms beach of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone on your towel or settled at one of the beach little shops : Bonaventure or Carré Mer. They are open all day until late in the evening. This way, you can have a drink and even eat there later ; the scenery is really nice (even if not free).

There is a bit of wind on this beach, you can see kitesurfeurs.

Little bonus : from May to September, a free little train links Prevost car park and the cathedral of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone : you can’t refuse a nice fresh little break !

Villeneuve les Maguelone

Cascade de la Vis (Waterfall)

It’s a bit further away (50 minutes by car), but if you spend the day there, it’ll quickly be forgotten.

Here, it’s La Vis that then flows into the Hérault.

This place is not really ideal for young children because of the tide (although it’s not as trong as lower). Indeed, the waterfull makes the place beautiful. You can have fun with it, jump from a rock and let yourself taken by the tide… Picnic and souvenir pics will definitely be part of your day !

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