• Discover the city centre of Montpellier on foot! •

Discover Montpellier

Book half a day and come with us to discover the must-see places but also our favourite spots in our city, Montpellier, in the South of France!

Here is the map of the tour we’re offering you:

We’ve divided it into 3 parts, 3 areas: Antigone, Ecusson, and Peyrou-Albert Ier.

Antigone area :

Step A: To begin with, go to “Place de l’Europe” tramway stop, line 1 or 4.

Step B: Cross the road and discover the pretty Esplanade de l’Europe, a pedestrian area with ancient buildings shaped as half a cercle. It’s also a nice place to come and settle on the grass when the weather is good enough.

place de l'europe

If you’re looking for a place to eat, there’s a range of restaurants which you will probably know already (nothing original here).

There also are two bars: the Australian and the O’Sullivans, loved by the students going out at night.

Step C and D: A few stairs later, welcome to the shores of Lez (Rives du Lez), the river crossing Montpellier. It’s a nice spot to run, although walking along is also very nice.

You can do a loop like indicated on the map down below, which will give you a small insight of the area.

rives du lez

Once back on Place de l’Europe (Step B), cross the road again (Step A) and continue straight ahead.

Step E: Enjoy Place de Théssalie and its pretty fountain, then Place du Millénaire (Step F), surrounded by plane trees and cafés/restaurants terraces. You’ve officially arrived in the heart of the Antigone area!

place théssalie

Step G: You should start seeing a big building up ahead: the Polygone. It’s THE shopping centre of the city centre, as nice in the winter (heating) as well as in the summer (air conditioning)!


Step H: After this shopping stop, get to the opposite exit and come out. You can also join it by going all across the shopping centre, and not by going around it like indicated on the map.

Paved roads, yay! Continue straight ahead, you will still be surrounded by lots of shops.

Ecusson area:

Step A: Further on your right, you will find the tourist office as well as the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle to walk in the shadow or enjoy events often happening there (local products market, Christmas market, summer events…)

Step B: On the left is the famous Place de la Comédie, the heart of the city. The architecture is old, the streets paved, with its 3 Grâces fountain and its opera in the background, hard not to fall in love with this place, lively during the day as well as in the evening!

place de la comédie

You can walk around and enjoy the scenery: Rue de la loge (Step C), Rue de l’argenterie (Step D) and finally, Rue de l’ancien courrier (Step E). This latest is Juliette’s favourite: it’s narrow and the home to independent shops and cafés an thus full of charm!

rue de l'ancien courrier

You can make a detour by the impressive church Eglise Saint-Roch (Step F) and discover a bunch of nice bars where you’ll want to stop to have a refreshing drink!

Leaving the tranquility of the pedestrian centre, join the prefecture (Step G) and go up the Rue Foch.

Step H: You will naturally be attracted by the Arc de Triomphe, getting closer and closer each step: an amazing monument. You can go up there if you ask the tourist office.

Peyrou – Albert Ier area:

Step A: Once you walked passed the Arc the triomphe, go towards the Jardin du Peyrou which is straight ahead.

It’s probably our favourite place in the city: it’s peaceful and gives a nice view over Montpellier (notably on les Arceaux, an other area of the city), the old water tower… An amazing spot for amazing sunsets!

view on les arceaux

It’s time to go down the Boulevard Henri IV: here, two important stops.

Step B: The first on your right with the beautiful building which used to be the home to medical school and where you can find the anatomy museum and conservatory, if your stomach can handle it and if you like “creepy” visits. We recommend it to you, but find out about opening times first because it’s not often accessible!

Right next to it, you can’t miss the Saint-Pierre cathedral by the imposing architecture (you should have a look inside).

Saint Pierre cathedral

Step C: The second and last stop is further below on the left on the Boulevard Henri IV: the Botanic garden (Jardin des plantes). A nice free visit! Get lost in the alleys and meet friendly cats who are at home here, and for who little huts have been built.

Step D: There you go, you can go back to the tram which is only two minutes away from here.

We hope this little guided visit will make you want to come to Montpellier! More articles on our nice city are to come here!

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