What to do in Canterbury


During my Erasmus year in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom, I was able to go around in the city and discover nice little places. Here are the ones I recommend you.

The Cathedral

What’s known about Canterbury, except its university, is its city centre. First of all, this is where the cathedral is, recently renovated. The visit is free for students.



Besides, its main street, Saint Peter’s Street, is often full of people because it’s where all the shops and restaurants are: Primark, H&M, Zara, Topshop, Lush, Tesco, video games shops… Perfect to do some shopping!

main street

If it’s winter, you might have the chance to have snow, and the Christmas market!

Christmas market

Westgate Towers & Westgate Gardens

The street ends (or starts, depending where you’re coming from) by the Westgate Towers, the biggest city gate still standing in England. It’s by the way the last of the 7 gates that were surrounding the city back then, and is one of the distinguishable feature of Canterbury. Next to them are the Westgate Gardens.

westgate towers

A bit further, the Saint-Martin Church.

saint-martin church

Nice flowery park, and really green (we’re in England!). Benches to relax on, the river (which must be freezing!), and little paths where to walk peacefully. Perfect for a calm picnic!

westgate gardens

Walk around town

England is partly famous for its particular architecture, notably with its pretty brick houses. It’s therefore nice to simply wander in the city and look around.

Here are some places to see in Canterbury. If you want good addresses where to eat, I wrote a special article! In an other article, I tell you about cities around Canterbury that are worth the detour!

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