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During my Erasmus year in Canterbury in England, United Kingdom, I was able to try numerous places to eat (and often offer deals for students). Let’s discover them together!

1- Breakfast and evening :

Wetherspoons – The Westgate Inn

Nice during the day, as in the evening. Indeed, here, you can have breakfast (let’s cheer for the English breakfast for a bit), and have a drink in the evening.

Price : Traditional English breakfast : £3,45.
American style breakfast: £4,99.
Alcohol pitcher : ≈ £6.


2- You want to eat chicken


Nando’s rimes with chicken: a quarter, a half or an entire chicken, in pitta, burger or salad, you will love it under all its forms. It’s often served with 2 sides (there’s a large choice).
The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice: a smiling staff and a dynamic music. There’s also a (smaller) menu for vegans and vegetarians. If you think about coming back to Nando’s, ask for the loyalty card, because you’re getting worth rewards quite quickly (¼ chicken, free starter…) !

Price : ¼ chicken + 2 sides : £7,60.
Pitta : £11 + 2 sides.
Burger + 2 sides : £11,55.


3- Italian restaurants :

Ask Italian

As its name says, it’s an Italian restaurant. Well located in the centre of the main street (Saint Peter’s Street), and calm. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerants.

Price : Lasagna : £10,95.
Risotto : £12,95.
Pizzas : ≈ £12.

ask italian
ask italian

In the same kind of restaurants, Zizzi.


Domino’s, a good pizzeria with a large choice, you will find your happiness! Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerants.


An other alternative: Pizza Express, with its nice entrance:

pizza express entrance

An other pizza, more “classy” since it’s an actual restaurant!

pizza express inside

A menu full of choices, with sides all better one another! it’s truly delicious.

pizza express

Price: Reine pizza: £12.25 ; American hot pizza: £14.65.
Polenta chips (side): £4.75.
Juice: £2.50.

4- You want to eat a burger :

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)

A varierty of burgers and numerous sides all as good as the others. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Price : Beef burger, cheese and bacon : £9,95.
Pesto chicken burger : £9,95.
Fried onions : £3,95.
Sweet potato fries : £4,25.


5- Moorish food

Cafe Mauresque

Located in a side street to the main one, it’s nice to have dinner here. Warm atmosphere, intimacy and nice staff are what you’ll find here. Its name is quite self-explanatory: on the menu, Moorish food like couscous, tajines, tapas to share… It’s a bit more expensive here but it’s different, and the main things is it’s good. Suitable for vegans.

Price : Tapas : £3-7,25.
Plater to share : £14,95-17,50.
Couscous : £15,95£-21,50.

6- Mexican food

Café des amis

Mexican restaurant with a French name, it’s the perfect place to share a plater, or fajitas, burritos… Although it’s a bit noisy, the atmosphere is really nice and the food really good.

café des amis

7- Brasseries, coffee break

Prêt à manger

Nice place to go to quickly get a sandwich, a soup or a salad, although you can also eat in… Or drink! A hot chocolate (or 3!) is always welcome. Eat is the same kind of shop.

pret a manger

Other cafés in Canterbury: Caffè Nero, Starbucks

Côte brasserie

Finally a restaurant inspired by the French cuisine! No, really, a very good brasserie where you can eat a bit of everything. You can’t find a restaurant more in the centre than this one.

Price : Goat cheese salad: £10,50.
Mussels and fries: £12,95.
Duck break: £14,95.

8- Bill’s

Nice restaurant where you can basically eat anything: burger, pies, meat… Large choice! Think about booking a table beforehand.


Price : Duck pie: £14,25.
Red meat steak: £18,95 (+ £1,50 sauce).
Chocolate cake: £6,25.

9- Chinese restaurant

Chom chom Canterbury Buffetworks is a Chinese self-service buffet-style restaurant. It’s really good, and there’s even Indian, Japanese food… You’ll come out of here full!

Chom chom Canterbury Buffetworks

The price depends on what day you’re going and if it’s for lunch or dinner.

10- Fast food

There are lots of fast food in Canterbury: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Five Guys, Subway

11- Dessert… Yum!

Kaspa’s, « The King of Desserts »

As you might have understood, this is where you have to have your dessert… Or a snack, warm or cold! Indeed, on the menu, there are waffles (my favourite), crepes, oven cookies, ice-cream, milk-shakes… Everything you might desire. Being a food passionate, I love this place! Every time I come to Canterbury, I eventually end up there. It’s moreover suitable for vegetarians.

Price : Waffle with a large choice of toppings: ≈ £6.
Crepes: £4-6.


Creams Cafe

I think by now you got that I love sweet food. Same kind of restaurant as Kaspa’s, you will never get enough of trying the different types of desserts, all as delicious as the others!


Here is my list of good places where to eat in Canterbury. As I often come back there, and being a big fan of food, some places will eventually be added on the list… Don’t hesitate to check it from time to time!

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