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What to do in Québec

If you are passing by Québec, here is what is not to miss. Some interest points form a loop easily doable in a small day.

Visit La Ville Haute / Upper City

Visit La Ville Haute / Upper City

A part of the old Quebec is built on a hill and is therefore called “Ville Haute” (Upper City). There, we can find several famous places:
Notre Dame Basilic: the outside was on maintenance when I was there, but the inside is worth seeing: golden decoration, glass windows and an organ of course.
– La Place d’Armes: very lively. Little greenery corner surrounded by colourful roofs houses and by the Frontenac Castle: impossible to walk past without taking a picture.
– The Frontenac Castle: if you’ve seen one single picture of Quebec in your life, it was most probably of this monument! This castle, which is actually a fancy hotel, is really imposing and beautiful.
The Dufferin Terrace: situated at the bottom of the castle, this little wooden walk bordering the Upper City and overlooking the low town and the Saint-Laurent river: impossible to miss.

The Saint-Denis Terrace: I went there randomly and what a good surprise: after climbing up this little park, a nice overall view on the castle and its terrace!

To join the Lower City, there are two options. Queuing and pay $3.50 for the funicular in less than 5 minutes, or go down there with your legs thanks to the Casse-cou stairs: for $0, you get a good view on the streets of the Lower City.

Visit La Ville Basse / Lower City

Visit La Ville Basse / Lower City

Although the little streets of this area are busy because there are lots of tourists arriving by buses, this part of the city doesn’t lack charm.
To visit the Petit Champlain neighbourhood, nothing more simple: you just have to walk in Petit Champlain street and Cul-de-Sac street, through the Place Royale and the Fresque des Québécois.

I really liked this place because it represents everything I love in the cities’ historical centres in general: paved streets, stone houses, small shops, bustle… Too bad that it’s so small in Quebec!

To end this beautiful day, I’m going back up the Casse-cou stairs to join the Promenade des Gouverneurs (walk) which links the Saint-Denis terrace an the Plaines d’Abraham Park thanks to a path made of a wooden gateway bordered by a greenery I wouldn’t have expected here!

promenade des gouverneurs

There you go. Are you done exploring the city of Québec? Discover the article What to do in the surroundings of Québec.

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